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Battlefield Bangkok Board Game and hobby store is a games store, run by gamers for gamers. Building the hobby base in Thailand is our largest interest, and as such we’re here for the long haul. Certainly we’re business people too, but we play games, a lot of games and we want to give ourselves, our friends and the gaming community a place to meet, learn and experience new games.

Drop in any time to check out our broad collection of games, or to play games, learn new games, participate in a demo session or just hang out and talk shop. Naturally our staff speak excellent English and Thai. Need to check on a game give us a call during open hours at 02 747 971902 747 9719

April 2014 Open Hours

  • Monday / Tuesday : Closed All Day
  • Wednesday / Thursday / Friday : 3 PM to 11 PM
  • Saturday / Sunday : 12:30 PM to Midnight
  • Songkran : Open Usual Hours of Business

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L5R CCGUpcoming L5R CCG Releases

Everyone is aware that the next coming release for the L5R CCG is The Coming Storm, being a booster and draft release. The The Coming Storm Draft Player Kit is still a bit of a mystery.

However beyond that release there are two more already scheduled. The first being the Siege: Heart of Darkness which is a deck release, no info on which clans will be included yet, and then this is followed by a Booster release with A Line in the Sand. We have no dates on the release of these two sets, details as we find them!

New Games Workshop WebstoreNew Games Workshop Webstore

One of the biggest irritations of the the GW Web Site and web direct orders, other than they actually exist, was that they were not integrated into store orders. Each order had to paid at full price and then the credit chased up afterwards, which sometimes took a few months to get. It was a process that had too many steps and created extra work for everyone.

But not any more, with the launch of the new site Store orders of Web Direct items will be properly integrated to make their purchase simpler for stores and the GW team, no more sending in invoices, asking for credit and waiting for it to be done. All done at the time of purchase now.

Sadly this doesn’t come with an increase margin on web direct orders, but at least it’ll be simpler to do from now on!

Surprise! We’ve had the decorators in, sprucing things up and making it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for on the Games Workshop Webstore. There are loads of new functions, ranging from new product images and information to an easier, quicker checkout. We’ll also be posting regular updates here on What’s New Today, bringing you all the latest information about upcoming releases and featuring hobby projects from you, our readers. below…
Return to Dragonfire Dungeon

Return to Dragonfire Dungeon

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce DungeonQuest Revised Edition, a fast-paced game of dungeon exploration and looting for one to four players. In DungeonQuest Revised Edition, you take on the role of a hero who sets out to explore Dragonfire Dungeon. Along the way, you’ll collect loot, evade traps, battle fearsome monsters, and wend your way through the sprawling catacombs that snake underneath the dungeon. If you are fortunate enough to find your way to the treasure chamber at the dungeon’s heart, you may attempt to plunder its riches. The hero who escapes with the most loot wins! However, there’s more to concern you than just rival heroes. You must be careful not to wake the cruel Kalladra, the dragon who sleeps upon the treasure hoard! When you have looted your fill, you must escape the treacherous, winding maze that makes up the dungeon in order to be victorious.
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