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May 2016 Open Hours

  • Monday / Tuesday : Closed All Day
  • Wednesday / Thursday : 3 PM to 11:30 PM
  • Friday : 3 PM til late
  • Saturday : 12:30 PM til late
  • Sunday  : 12:30 PM to Midnight
  • May 1st and 5-6th Open Usual Times

Battlefield Bangkok Board Game and hobby store is a games store, run by gamers for gamers. Building the hobby base in Thailand is our largest interest, and as such we’re here for the long haul. Certainly we’re business people too, but we play games, a lot of games and we want to give ourselves, our friends and the gaming community a place to meet, learn and experience new games. Battlefield Bangkok  has no table fees, no room fees and no “in store” game usage fees. That’s right it is 100% free to drop in and play games at Battlefield Bangkok!!!

Hot and cold drinks plus fast snacks are now available at the BFB Coffee shop. Plus a range of quick snacks and a  wide variety of great food is on tap from our partner restaurant (Devilish ) right next door, serving burgers, pies, snacks and full meals right to your gaming table!

Drop in any time to check out our broad collection of games, or to play games, learn new games, participate in a demo session or just hang out and talk shop. Naturally our staff speak excellent English and Thai. Don’t forget it is 100% free to drop in and play games at Battlefield Bangkok!!! Need to check on a game give us a call during open hours at 02 747 9719

Upcoming BFB Events

  • May 5th:  HeroClix Sinestro War Event
  • May 14th:  WarMachine tournament
  • May 21/22:  Bolt Action Event
  • May 28th :  Game of Thrones LCG  – Spring Tournie 2016
  • TBD :  Netrunner  LCG  – Spring Tournie 2016
  • TBD –  Game of Thrones  Thailand Regional Championship
  • TBD –  NetRunner  Thailand Regional Championship (At Onboard Cafe)

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